Thursday, March 26, 2015


Great moments happen. The idea of capturing images on film and transferring them to paper to have those memories for a lifetime was surely one of the most brilliant life altering discoveries of all time. We will never miss memories like my second son begging for nachos which he was warned were too spicy. Alas, Daddy relented while I captured his expressions of victory and pain. My mind could never have remembered exactly this reaction suspended so vividly forever. The look in his eyes in the second photo reminds me I was a "mean mommy" when I said no to letting him have the jalapeno topped cheesy snack, but I was downright evilhorrible for giving in to his whining. Sometimes consequeces can be the best teacher but he still grew up demanding the privilege of feeling his own pain. These photos are from the summer of 1986, scanned and restored. Bless technology.

No matter where I go, my camera is a constant companion, along with my backpack full of gear. As heavy as it all is, I wish I had more! I never want to miss a great moment.

The fact is, as much as I habitually take pictures, I get tired of carrying all that gear around. I've learned the hard way not to leave anything behind. If I take only my 28-70 lens for scenic shots, inevitably I'll have an opportunity for wildlife and need my longer lens.

I'm a starving artist and don't have the lenses I'd like to have - like a VR 500mm with a tripod to support it. Or a good macro for close up shots of flowers and insects. Those are very pricey lenses and just aren't in my budget. So if you want me to take some REALLY fabulous images, please donate to my cause. I'd love to share with you.

I have a dream for Canon or Nikon. I'd be happy if either company would take on this challenge and whatever the cost it would be worth it. Somebody needs to build a better camera.

My dream camera would have a top of the line, aberrant-free, VR optical lens built in, with a range of say, oh, I don't know, let's go wide and long, say 10-500mm. I know, that's utterly insane, but with technology changing and getting better literally by the minute, I know it can be done. This camera would be lightweight and easy to handle.

The new camera would also have built in, a range of filters. I'm really amazed someone hasn't come up with this already. Most important would be a graduated density filter for those early morning sunrise images, polarizer for water and bright sky shots, and a range of neutral density filters for various lighting situations. Bonus would be some fancy shmancy fun filters for wedding shots, like the old standard soft focus, star, keyhole, etc.

Nikon and Canon, the challenge is on. If you guys can come up with a single body and lens combination that incorporates all the best features a professional photographer would want weighing less than a couple pounds, you will reap wealth beyond imagining. You will soar past Microsoft and Donald Trump in notariety.

The race is on for the camera that will be. Who will win? GO.

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