Friday, July 31, 2009

Natural Photography Anywhere

I don't know about you, but I don't care much for posed, unnatural photography. When my husband and I began looking for a photographer for our wedding, one of my priorities was to find someone who would be spontaneous and natural with us.

My husband liked the guy we chose but I wasn't so sure. He was expensive and a bit too starchy for my taste. But Steve wanted the best for us and said we shouldn't skimp on this important aspect of our wedding. I should have been firm about my misgivings and continued looking. But I went along with his choice to be agreeable. I wasn't happy with our pictures. They were unnatural, awkward and just not me. The price we paid made it twice as hard to deal with.

When I pursued a career in photography, I vowed to do things differently. The photographer who handled my wedding was a good photographer and I'm sure he had many happy clients. Yet I know I'm not the lone ranger on this issue of spontaneity. The world is full of butterflies.
This is not to say I don't do portraits. Portraits are an important part of every special event. I strive to engage the people I'm working with in such a way that the kind of portraits recorded capture them as they feel comfortable, not posed in unnatural positions. It's important to understand the character and personality of those I'm photographing in order to capture them in ways that honor who they are.
I'm a nature photographer and people are not the easiest subjects. But the truth is, I love everything about weddings. Taking those ceremonial vows is a serious matter. Marriage is more than two people in love - it's about two people committed to living out their love in relation to one another and perhaps even future children. It's an action that requires courage, determination and sacrifice.
For me, the joy of photographing weddings comes as a result of blending into the crowd and nonchalantly capturing intimate moments. Later, seeing the expressions of those whose precious memories I've recorded is a reward greater than any financial compensation.

This is what I do. Naturally.

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