Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Whether I'm out on a weekend camping with my husband or off on a day designated for photography, my camera is my ever present companion. I never leave home without it. And no matter where I am, there is always something I'm excited to photograph.

On the sunny morning I came across these lovely balsamroot arrowleaf blooms, my intention was to photograph the Grand Teton at sunrise. Things don't always go as I plan and the drive from Yellowstone National Park over to Grand Teton National Park took longer than we'd anticipated. That didn't stop me from finding lots of wonderful images to capture on my memory card!

One overcast day I headed over to a favorite local park to take pictures of ducks and geese. The weather could have sent me packing home empty carded. It began to snow like crazy - big white, very wet, fluffy stuff. I decided that since I was there, I might as well fire off a couple of shots for kicks and grins. Some four hours later I departed wet and cold. I managed to capture several memory cards full of images of ducks and geese playing in the snow and sliding in for a landing on the ice that remained on the pond.

When the weather is bad, I hardly ever even notice because I'm so captivated by my subjects.

It was Thanksgiving day when I drove up to Tibble Fork Reservoir in Utah. We were visiting family for the holidays and I needed a break from all the noise and commotion that goes with six wonderful nephews and nieces. Another formidable day but not too intimdating for me. We love our Avalanche which does well just about anywhere any time. No mud or snow keeps me away for long. I found this wonderful placid scene and peace to boot!

While a friend and I were visiting Washington, DC to participate in a march for the 10th Anniversary of the Women's Military Memorial, I found more wonderful subjects than I had memory cards to keep them! Fortunately, I take my laptop with me everywhere so I was able to download photos and reformat my memory cards daily. Besides wonderful nature and wildlife, buildings with wonderful architechtural details abound in this historic city.

Not all my images come out perfect but most are redeemable. Editing and creating art from photographs is almost as much fun as taking the pictures.

Because this image was a bit on the soft side, I did some post work and made it even softer, enhancing the warm tone. I then used it to create a bookmark.

The entire image itself held little interest as it was, but the long narrow design of the bookmark enabled me to use the best portion of the image to create something really lovely - and useful :-)

Most photo processing companies today, whether in a local shop or online, offer a wide array of items on which to print your images. Have another look at a not-so-good photo and see if there isn't something you can do to salvage it as a painting or to create a luggage tag or bookmark.

Shoooting wildlife poses it's own set of problems. Often shy and uncooperative, maintaining some distance is usually required. That's when a longer zoom or telephoto lens comes in handy. You might find yourself out on a walk without the longer lens in tow. Or perhaps you don't have a telephoto lens at all. With modern digital cameras that capture high resoultion images, one can also crop a photo to make it look like a closer shot and still print an 8x10 or larger with no loss of qualilty. Try experimenting with your photos, cropping in different ways, to see how you might improve an image before printing.

Make the most of Color, lighting and elements. The day I stumbled onto this scene was like a moment in heaven for me. When I came across an idyllic little bridge over a creek, I spent several hours wandering around this neck of the woods capturing everything. The aspens were in full golden splendor, and when the clouds hid the sun for brief periods I was able to slow my shutter speed to soften the water flow. With patience, all the elements will come together to produce a satisfying image.

I enjoy using my images to create greeting cards and positive messages. By adding Scripture verses (you could use any kind of proverbs or positive sayings) to an uninteresting area of the image, you can merge the feeling of an image with a statement from your heart. This is one of my favorite verses combined with a favorite image.

I love the world of photography. The possibilities are endless. I hope this journey through my world has given you some creative ideas to use or improve your own images.

Happy shooting,

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